Spray Polyurea Materials

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What are Spray Polyurea Materials?

In the mid 1980's came the formulation of Polyurea, a two component 100% solids semi instant cure elastomeric.

Polyurea found a niche market in the Spray on Bedliner market for Pick Up Trucks. The reason the popularity grew was once fully prepared the Polyurea spray became a part of the truck bed itself and was a waterproof barrier to prevent rusting of the Truck bed and rails as it was a vapor barrier that prevented both water and salts from rusting the truck Bed.

Polyurea became known as a secondary Containment coating Infrastructure could be one of the most used words today.

Bridges are built to last about 100 years as water, salt and erosion take a big toll. Superskinsystems has supplied seamless, vapor barrier Polyurea to a number of them so with maintenance they can get hundreds of extra years from them Dairy Plants, Meat Packing plants and large Supermarkets have their facilities inspected on a regular basis and told if the floors or walls are not brought up to standard by a certain date they must close.

The problem is with a big time frame of closing they lose money and cannot keep up with production. Many can close from 10:00PM to 7:00AM the next morning to have work done Superskinsystems have a vast variety of Spray Applied Polyurea that will allow the contractor to make the corrections in that time, from floors to walls.

SuperSkin Spray Polyurea Materials